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Fargo Firm Builds A Diverse Workforce

Cardinal IG Fargo had the pleasure to be featured on MPR’s Morning Edition radio program. Here is what they had to say!

"When Mike Arntson walks through the sprawling, noisy factory floor at Cardinal Glass in Fargo, he calls everyone he sees by name, exchanging waves or fist bumps.

"On our fast lines, we're producing a window about every 15 seconds," Arntson said.

There are 370 workers here, most assembling the insulated glass used by other companies to build windows. The factory turns out as many as 10,000 insulated glass units a day.

Seven in ten of the workers in this Fargo factory were born outside the United States. Workers come from 35 countries and five continents. Some workers arrive not speaking English.

The plant manager, Arntson, has been at this Fargo factory since it opened in 1998.

From the beginning, the company hired immigrants and refugees who were being resettled in Fargo, where thousands of refugees have been relocated in the past 40 years."

This is just some of the great information from the article. Check out the whole article and the audio captured by clicking HERE.