Cardinal Glass Industries is considered one of the world's leading providers of superior-quality glass products. From the melting of the sand to produce clear float glass to the vacuum sputtering of silver to produce low-emissivity coatings.

Cardinal Glass Fargo specializes in insulated glass. Insulated glass is double-pane and triple-pane units separated by spacers and filled with argon; panes can be annealed, tempered, or coated.

Insulated Glass Products
  • Endur® IG - High quality, low defect insulating glass promptly for even the highest order demand. And our advanced quality assurance program guarantees it. Endur insulating glass is fabricated with Cardinal’s industry-leading LoĒ coatings to augment thermal efficiency, lower solar heat gain, and meet stringent performance standards.
  • Preserve™ Film - Safeguards Glass from delivery through installation. Preserve™ window film provides an end-to-end solution to dirty and marred windows. Pre-applied on every Cardinal Endur window, Preserve film protects everybody’s interests.
  • XL Edge® IG - Cardinal’s original warm-edge insulating glass unit featuring a 20-year warranty. Launched in 1993, XL Edge is the pioneer of highly durable and energy-efficient spacer systems. XL Edge is available today in double and triple-pane configurations.
  • CLiC® - Protect your privacy with the most advanced and innovative switchable privacy glass. Clic is available for commercial and residential applications.
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"Durability, Performance, and Aesthetics" is our mantra at our tech center and facilities. We are challenged every day to continue to build the best windows for our customers. Our units are developed to last the lifetime of the window or building.

We will do what's right for our customers, always.

Cardinal Glass Fargo is dedicated to recycling as much as possible.

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a voluntary, independently verified report regarding information about the life-cycle of products and their environmental impact. Learn more about our insulated glass EPD.